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Profound Site Security Profound has partnered with industry leaders to protect the privacy of your personal information by using a variety of security technologies and procedures to prevent unauthorized access, use, or disclosure. For example, we store the personal information you provide on computer systems with limited access. These computer systems are located in controlled facilities. Although we use many methods, we cannot guarantee the security of the information you transmit to us or the unauthorized use of your ID and Password to the service. Please take the time to secure access to your ID and Password.

Return Policy

Due to the nature of the information being sold, we unfortunately cannot accept returns of reports and/or sections once they have been delivered and made available for you to read. Please be sure to thoroughly review all available information about each report and/or section prior to placing an order.

If you have any questions about a report's coverage or relevance, simply contact us for expert assistance from a Customer Service Representative.

About the Shopping Cart

When you are ready to make a purchase of either a section or a full report, select the “Add to Cart” button. This will add the indicated item(s) to you Shopping Cart.

Within the Shopping Cart, there are two key areas – (i) your active shopping cart items, ready to purchase, and (ii) saved items from prior searches. All newly added items will automatically be placed into your active shopping cart.

By selecting “Save for Later,” the indicated report(s) will be moved to the Saved Items section of the page. In order to read or view the contents of the report(s) in the Saved Items area you must move them back into the active purchasing section of the Shopping Cart by selecting “Move to Cart” and proceed to checkout.

By selecting “Delete” in either area, the selected reports will be removed from the Shopping Cart or Saved Items area(s).

To purchase items in the active shopping cart area, select the “Proceed to Checkout” button. This will take you to the Checkout page.

On the Checkout page, you will be able to view and confirm your final selections. At this time you will also be able to select an appropriate chargeback code or to establish a new chargeback code for your administrative/accounting purposes. The “Complete Purchase” button finishes your transaction and enables you to access the report(s) you have chosen. Your account will be charged for the amount shown and each chargeback code will be recorded accordingly, and displayed on your invoice.

About Purchase Options

Profound provides a full suite of options when you need to acquire information.

Report Size

  • Full Report: By selecting the Full Report option, you will have access to the entire contents of the report, as prepared by the publisher.
  • Section or Tables: After examining the Table of Contents for a desired report, you may be able to choose to purchase a chapter, section or even a table or chart. (Please note that not all publishers on Profound allow for sectional pricing.) Upon completing your transaction, only the section you have selected will be available for you to view.

Permitted Use and Licenses

Based on availability, you will be purchasing a report or section as either a single-user license or as a corporate wide license.

  • Single-User License: You may access and download the report or section only as required to view it on your web browser for your individual use, keeping all copyright and other notices on the material. You may print a single copy of the material for your use. No portion of the publication may be re-published, re-distributed, or otherwise used unless specifically permitted here or by written approval of the publisher. All sections purchased, including tables or chapters, are sold only as Single-User License.
  • Corporate Wide License: Also known as a global site license, this license allows employees to share a report with other Authorized Users (any person employed by the same direct organization of the original purchaser). This does not extend to employees of the parent company or related subsidiaries. Permitted use includes distribution of a copy of the report in print or electronic form to other Authorized Users within its organization, including by posting such purchases on a secure corporate intranet (posting to the Internet or World Wide Web is strictly prohibited).
  • Authorized Users of a Corporate Wide License purchase may:
    • Display, download or print the report for personal use.
    • Electronically save the report(s) for personal use.
    • Distribute a copy of the report(s) in print or electronic form to other Authorized Users within its organization, including by posting such report(s) on a secure corporate intranet.
    Authorized Users of a Corporate Wide License Report may not:
    • Remove or alter the author's names or copyright notices, other means of identification or disclaimers as they appear in the Licensed Studies.
    • Distribute any part of the report(s) on any electronic network (other than a secure corporate intranet), including without limitation the Internet and the World Wide Web.
    • Use any or all of the Licensed Studies for any Commercial Use, other than the uses for which the Licensed Studies were intended.
    • Distribute the report(s), in whole or part, to anyone other than additional Authorized Users within the Authorized User's organization.
    Nothing in the license purchased in any way excludes, modifies or affects any of the rights under U.S. and international Copyright laws. All rights reserved by the Copyright holder.

How to Contact Us

Customer Support: For general information about your Profound account, as well as questions about content or how to use Profound, please contact our Customer Support Center at

Billing Inquiries: For questions regarding your invoice, including your current payment plan, setting up a payment plan, and usage reports, please contact our Accounting Department at Support Center at

Tech Support: For technical issues and troubleshooting, contact our Technical Support department at

Training Opportunities: We offer a wide range of training opportunities including individualized training and corporate training on Profound. Please contact one of our Training and Applications Consultants to discuss your training needs at