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Impact of COVID-19 on Destinations: Case Study

Publisher: GlobalData
Published: April 01, 2020
Length: 18 Pages
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Impact of COVID-19 on Destinations: Case Study


All Tourism sectors are experiencing mass disruption which is leading to a fight for survival and causing severe economic impacts. Tourism destinations are also being majorly impacted. Destinations are taking drastic action to ensure safety and minimize the threat of the virus. There are many impacts that are already presenting themselves including economic loss, job losses and extreme losses in tourist numbers.

Key Highlights
  • The Tourism sector is currently one of the hardest-hit by the outbreak of the coronavirus  disease (COVID-19), with impacts on both travel supply and demand, particularly in China, the world’s leading outbound market, and other key Asian and European destinations such as Italy.
  • To contain the virus and slow the spread many of destinations have implemented a lockdown and travel restrictions. This means tourism destinations which are tourism reliant are no longer having these tourists enter the country. Thus, tourism reliant destinations will experience an economic decline.
  • Many destinations will experience severe economic impacts from the impacts of COVID-19. The economic impacts are a result of travel restrictions and lockdowns which result in tourists being unable to visit attractions and places such as restaurants and bars. This is leading to many jobs being lost and tourist destinations losing a major economic resource.
  • This report assess the impact that COVID-19 is having on destinations across the globe and focuses in more detail on four key destination markets.
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  • Assess the impact COVID is having on destinations
  • Understand which destinations are most affected and why
  • Gain an overview of what is happening at a regional level
  • Explore what the future may look like for destinations