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Crisis Management Services in the US - Procurement Research Report

Publisher: ProcurementIQ
Published: January 03, 2020
Length: 25 Pages
SKU: PIQ16130757
Crisis Management Services Procurement in the US

This report is intended to assist buyers of crisis management services. Operators in this market assist clients during and after a crisis. Many suppliers also provideproactive crisis management services, whereby potential crises are identified ahead of time that may negatively impact a buyer or stakeholder's reputation, business or operations. Suppliers focus onminimizingand managingrisks to clients byprovidingassistancewith emergency response services (e.g. protection of assets and evacuation services), product recalls, natural disaster response, event management (e.g.civil unrest), workforce disruption security, armed response protection, high-risk terminations, travel protection security, security threat assessments, business continuity and workplace hostility.This report does not cover risk management consulting services.