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Bahamas Insurance Q1 2020

Publisher: BMI Research
Published: November 19, 2019
Length: 37 Pages
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Bahamas Insurance Q1 2020

Key View:

As yet, it is far from clear what will be the impact on life and non-life insurers of Hurricane Dorian - possibly the worst evernatural disaster to hit the country. Property insurance has traditionally accounted for around two-thirds of the premiums written inthe non-life segment. To the extent that Dorian exposes an insurance gap - particularly among the Bahamas’ households - thedisaster may result in non-life premiums that are considerably higher than would otherwise have been the case. The financialimpact on Bahamian insurers will depend on the extent to which the insured losses were covered with reinsurers. For 2020, it ispossible that the economic disruption caused by Dorian will compress premiums. This is also the case in the life segment, which isotherwise mature.