About Us

MarketResearch.com Profound is a premier corporate market research procurement service providing up-to-date information from more than 700 industry segments and offering practical business solutions to business professionals worldwide.

As one of the largest, most authoritative and trusted market intelligence services available, Profound offers 1,062,435 business-critical research reports from 203 global research publishers.

Profound has been recognized for its advanced, proprietary search engine supported by one of the most comprehensive taxonomies of companies and industries in the market research industry. Profound searches return highly targeted, easily-viewed results. This affords business professionals throughout the world the ability to quickly and easily hone in on the exact research that will benefit their corporate needs.

Whether you are looking for a chart or graph, detailed company analysis, or entire market assessment, Profound's ability to lead you to the best choices for available market research has become the hallmark of its success. Profound's market research reports come from the leading market research providers in the world and offer information and insights that will keep you ahead of your competition. Profound Alerts quickly notify you when new content is available in the areas most important to you.

Profound is a service of MarketResearch.com, the most comprehensive collection of continuously updated market intelligence. MarketResearch.com has established itself within the market research community as the frontrunner in offering business professionals industry-specific insights on publishers and the types of market research that will best meet their needs.

MarketResearch.com offers a comprehensive suite of services to meet the varying research needs of business professionals and corporations. For additional information about all of MarketResearch.com’s services, visit our Corporate Research Services site at MarketResearch.com.