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Profound is a premier corporate business intelligence service - a time-saving, cost-effective, user-friendly tool helping thousands of companies worldwide find the market research they need to stay ahead of the competition.

12,500 new reports loaded each month
$6.15 million average cumulative savings by our users every month
10,000 client log-ins each month

Trusted Insights Across a Wide Array of Industries

As one of the largest and most authoritative market intelligence services available, Profound gives you access to more than one million reports across 700 industry segments from more than 200 market research providers all in one place.

When you need to make critical business decisions, you shouldn’t rely on just one researcher’s viewpoint. Sourcing multiple datapoints from Profound provides you with greater accuracy and a broader perspective - thereby lowering your business risk.

Targeted Information That Saves You Money

Business data is some of the most high value information available. Buying full market research reports can add up quickly, but Profound allows you to purchase only the information you need, down to the section, chapter, table, or chart.

The ability to buy individual sections from many of the leading market research providers in the world puts high-quality market intelligence within the reach of organizations of any size.

Easy-to-Use Platform with a Dedicated Support Team

Our unique search capability helps you to find the answers you need fast, so you can identify and extract the data without delay. What’s more, our U.S.-based client service team is here to provide you with personalized training and assistance. We understand the intense day-to-day demands that our clients face. Through phone, email, and live chat, we are on standby to help you find the data you need and answer any questions you may have about the content or relevancy of a report.

The Tool You Need to Make Effective Data-Driven Decisions

Strategic decision-making must be grounded in quality market data and insights. Successful professionals across the globe use Profound to:

  • Get an independent view
  • Conduct due diligence
  • Identify high-potential business opportunities
  • Track key economic indicators and market forecasts
  • Estimate market size and market share
  • Monitor new product activity, retail channel trends, and purchasing patterns
  • Assess the competitive landscape
  • Track company performance

Meet Some Profound Staff

Chief Executive Officer Robert Granader

Robert Granader | Chief Executive Officer

"Profound is the way of the future. Profound gives people what they want, when they want it, and how they want it. With Profound, you can access high-value data for a low cost. This solution is ideal for banks, consulting firms, and anybody working on multiple projects in a diverse array of industries."

Senior Training and Applications Consultant, Suzanne Vyse

Suzanne Vyse | Senior Training and Applications Consultant

"Profound is like no other platform in the world. Our service allows our clients to quickly and comprehensively access business critical information from a wide swath of trusted publishers. We realize there are many competitors in the market research world these days, so providing client support is paramount. It’s what makes us stand out."

Strategic Account Manager, Nimesh Shah

Nimesh Shah | Strategic Account Manager

"Profound’s account managers help clients buy the data that is right for their requirements and avoid expensive mistakes. Most of the account management team has worked with Profound for many years, as have many of our longstanding clients, because it’s the only platform that consistently delivers what our clients require: access to content they couldn’t get otherwise, and minimize costs in a way no other platform can."


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